Prius 4 Commercial Analysis Essay

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Chase of The Century: Toyota Introduces The Prius Four
Plebeians enjoy watching a thrilling car chase, right? Whether it be in movies or television shows, anything exciting can pique a person 's interest. In the aspect of the commercial and business industry, it can even lead the audience to feel compelled to purchase a product. That amount of interest resumes for the duration of, say, an advertisement – only if a commercial is riveting enough. By using the ethos and pathos rhetorical appeals in their ad, The Longest Chase, Toyota effectively encourages young drivers to buy their new product: a Prius Four.
Ordinarily, ethical appeals express credibility. In order to achieve this and gain the audience 's attention, The Longest Chase is …show more content…

One example is the car chase itself. The basic synopsis of the advertisement is that a group of bank robbers run out of a bank; only to find that they cannot locate their car, they spot a Prius Four, and steal it, riding it, and ensuing in an epic chase with the police. The speedy thrill of the chase additionally makes the audience undergo the same tension that the frisson pursuit depicts. Moreover, delineated on some of the continuity cuts made in the commercial, the children shown were also awed in receiving a Prius toy car. This assists in pathological appeal since the children set the heartwarming scene, and, if the young ones feel a strong liking towards the car, you should, too. Furthermore, humor plays an important role. Sarcasm is expressed when it is seen that the car chase is remarkably smooth that the driver falls asleep, and, when shaken awake by his friend, he hastily insists that he "was meditating" (NFL Super Bowl 50 Commercials - Official Site Of The National Football League Super Bowl 50). The timing of the music, additionally, is crucial; it crescendos into a dramatic climax as soon as the car appeared on

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