Problems Of Bullying In School

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Bullying has become most popular behavior in the school because the bullying has increased year by year among the students. Bullying is the one of the major problem faced by school in nowadays (Hanafiah, 2014). The bullying is a type of violence. As it is can be see that “bullying as any unwanted aggressive behaviour by another youth or group of youths who are not siblings or current dating partners that involves an observed or perceived power imbalance and is repeated multiple times or is highly likely to be repeated. Bullying may inflict harm or distress on the targeted youth including physical, psychological, social, or educational harm” (David-Ferdon C, 2009). Bullying problem can be solved and prevent by the way in the school such as create…show more content…
The school should be safe which create a welcoming place for student think they were respected and become an important people. They can contribute the tolerance and deference in the classroom able for student who involved the bullying in the hot spot and also make a respect rule to each other student (Brenchley, 2012). On the other hand, they can also elaborate law to student so that pupil can make their own role and good respect with the clear and short explaination (Brenchley, 2012). In addition, teacher and parents also can listen and give concentration for student who was feeling sad in the school. This is because they are pay attention and carefully listen their child about the whole matter that being experience in the school every day, this will make them feel warming with parent when communication (OBrien, 2011). This can prevent them to involve the bullying in the school. Moreover, listen to the students and let the target be part of the solution, suggests (Adams, 2016). This kind of way can able to solve the bullying in the school with provide any best solution. In conclusion, the create dialogue, recognise and respond and, foster safety and inclusion are the main way to prevent the bullying in the school. The role of teacher, parent and government should be important take part to stop bullying in the school. “Preventing and stopping bullying involves a commitment to creating a safe environment where children can thrive, socially and academically, without being afraid. APA recommends that teachers, parents and students take the following actions to address bullying” (American Physiological Association,

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