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Any academic subject entails a method to reach its conclusion that is; it must have a methodology for analysing and producing its data. Explaining the reason of methodology aids others to have a better understanding of the proposed work. For the purpose of this work, the methodology consists of the research process. The research process comprises of the main steps and definitions which outlines a straightforward and systematic strategy for finding and gathering data.

Figure 4.0 The Research Process

4.1 Research objectives
The public relations function in the telecommunication sector exists since the 20th century and a sequence of PR activities are being held mainly by Orange, Emtel and MTML to promotes their new projects
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It is an attempt to set the foundation that will lead to future and further studies, and to determine if what is being observed might be explained by a currently existing hypothesis. The objective of exploratory research is to recognize key issues and key variables. Here the exploratory research for telecommunication sector in Mauritius would be looking at a new angle of how PR helps the target audience to choose the best among the three…show more content…
It is an important facet of any type of research study as incorrect data collection can eventually lead to invalid results.
There two type of data namely:
• Primary Data
Primary data also known as field research ,are those information which are collected for the first time. Primary data means original and fresh data that has been collected for the first time specially for a purpose .Examples of primary data are Personal interview ,Human observation Case studies ,surveys and many more.

• Secondary Data
On the other hand secondary data also known as desk research, are those which have already been recorded by someone else , for another purpose and have gone thought the statistical machines. They are usually refined of the raw materials . For example journals, control panels and books

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