Rape Prevention Video Analysis

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The current and previous rape culture makes rape seem as if it’s a choice-- a choice that can easily be avoided by an extra step or simply making different choices. People do not choose to be rape. Rape is unwanted. Therefore, to make prevention methods that imply making different choices will solve the problem is mind blowing. For example, the rape prevention video that said something like leaving your door open is like inviting someone. I would not consider leaving a window crack a call for someone to rape you nor would leaving your door open send a similar message. Those are very odd precautionary measures that one should not be expected to do in order to avoid being raped. Another mind-boggling statement from the video was one about it …show more content…

The video said it as if it’s absurd for her to not expect it to happen when she acts so careless to leave her window crack. I would argue it’s absurd that men violate a woman’s most private part of their body and the women need to think about her actions more. The woman did nothing wrong, she has nothing more to think about other than the fact the world is full of cruel and disturbing people. The way the media portrays rape is so far from accurate and I would say people’s response to rape is far fetched as well. When people are raped, they don’t just have ample time to do whatever they want like call the police, they are too busy being abused by a perpetrator. A lot of people in class suggested calling the police, but that would be very after-the-fact, not something I think would stop the rape. Also, I don’t know about where everyone else lives, but I live in the country and it would take quite some time for a police to come to my house. That’s why I think self-defense and you controlling the power is better because your not relying on someone else and you’re also not expecting a certain situation to occur. Self-defense is a skill that you can never forget at

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