Reflection On Listening

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1. One of the most meaningful lesson I’ve learned in class about myself was to learn how to listen properly. Listening is one of the most important skills you can learn and yet so many of us don 't listen properly as we should when having a conversation with a peer. We tend to rush and give advice instead of listening and helping them grow as a person and help them find a solution for them self’s. Listening is more than just sitting silently while someone else talks it’s actively participating in the conversation by encouraging our peer to open up and speak by giving full attention at all time, I’ve learn to be more humble with others. Another lesson ive learn about my self was to open up to others in are previous lecture in class we were ask about are culture. I was raised in a Hispanic cultural I was always taught to never really show are emotions it was a sign of weakness and I grew up with that mentality. My mother is a very humble person and I always saw how people walked all over her and that’s why I was taught to never show my emotions to others like they say "Never Show Your Weakness To The World, because the world is very much interested to play with it." The lesson ive learn throughout this term in Counseling and Interviewing with this personal story ive just share ive learn throughout timing and lectures that I couldn’t be afraid to open up when its needed I chosen a beautiful career to practice that is helping me grow into a better person and also prepare
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