Reflection On Self Directed Learners

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Students learn more and better if they take the initiative in their learning than those who do not. Self-directed learners enjoy keeping the attention and motivation to find their learning needs and requirements. They prepare for their own learning persistently through the necessary steps to take the responsibility and to achieve their learning goals. Motivation is a primary factor in learning to become self-directed learners and the more motivated the learner is, the more effectively you will study. An intrinsic motivation is defined as doing the tasks with full of interest, excitement and curiosity towards the ultimate orientation. This means the activity is not done in order to attain some separable outcome, such as rewards or instrumental values. For example, it is intrinsic motivation if you take lessons for swimming because you find it interesting to swim itself rather than instrumental value. In my opinion, intrinsic motivation is associated with active and autonomous status of learners. Active learners have their own strategies and legitimate target to achieve their learning goals. Their target and learning goals are from their intrinsic motivation and it would be surely difficult to achieve goals or learn actively without motivation. Therefore, monitoring, self-discipline, responsibility, planning, challenging and enjoyments are all critical aspects to become a self-directed, intrinsically motivated and active learner; these must be combined together to become a

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