Reflective Essay: Hard To Win On A Varsity Team

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After having to play last string my freshman year and then held back from playing on the varsity team my sophomore year, I felt like clouds had finally parted when I received a starting spot on the varsity team my 11th grade year. I was overcome with joy and content because I felt like all of my hard work had finally paid off, but in one failed swoop I had lost everything I spent the past two years working toward. This was the biggest obstacle I have ever faced because I had to get back everything I lost and had to work twice as hard to overcome what could have been a season ending injury.

Here is my story of how I conquered my obstacle and became stronger and more determined because of it. After coming off my first start on varsity and an impressive victory against Waco had kept the team spirits high heading into week 3 were we would face Lancaster, our dreaded foes and district rivals. Knowing that it would be a tough fight to win under the Friday night lights, our coach motivated us to work twice as hard and be 1-0 every down and every rep. I took to heart what my coach had told us and hit every rep harder than the last. My teammates saw this and had proceeded to do the same; it was truly a sight to see. The whole offense was working together like a well-oiled engine, but then came the injury. While doing a drill where it was the offensive line versus the defensive line, I told myself
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The challenge changed me because now when I face new challenges I hold my head high because I feel inspired by my past obstacle. My past obstacle inspires me because it taught me how I can beat any obstacle. Whenever I may face another challenge or obstacle in college, I know that I can rely on my determination and work ethic shown in my earlier obstacle to guide me to victory against any problem I may
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