Reproduction In Scientology

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The world of Scientology has introduced different methods of developing a fetus through insemination or by frozen embryos. This process of reproduction has developed ethical issues among the people of society. Society states that this process is abnormal and inappropriate for human kind. The process of developing a fetus should be naturally conceived through a man and woman. The development of artificial insemination and frozen embryos are not natural practices. Moreover there are cases where reproduction should be considered if medically needy.
The method of artificial insemination involves the egg of a woman and the sperm of a male. General problems arise amongst society in the involvement of reproduction. This replica development is considered …show more content…

A child produce from vitro fertilization can be born with a congenital effect they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. For this reason, it is not good to change the natural ways of reproduction. Other cases, problems arise when the wife of a husband is unable to carry an egg and needs a surrogate. The involvement of a surrogate mother will create a lawful issue between a contractual agreements. However, although the contract is signed, the surrogate mother also has the right to change her decision.
In addition before the decision of any form of reproduction all measures should be weighed. Health care reform is continuously addressed by society. Society provides their opinions regarding health issues and the cost effective of medical treatment. Humanity address that all basic health care needs should be considered first. Society only concern is what is less cost effective that will not involve the assistance of public funds. Similarly it is not justifiable to use public funding for cases that are not medically necessary.
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No, the child should have the right to know who her mother is when the child reaches the age of understanding. Mrs. Whitehead could have expressed her feeling to the Sterns and both parties come into an agreement regarding the child. The court has awarded the Sterns temporary custody, however is this decision in the best interest of the child? Speaking from my own personal experience, not knowing until the age of thirty three that I was adopted, affected me emotionally. Although, the decision made was possibly for my best interest.
What are the interests of the society?
Society approaches the decision in many different views. However majority of society would agree with the Sterns basis of adopting a child and they are financially stable. As we know money is not always the answer. Raising a child takes a lot of sacrifices, time, effort and love. Society should not control the personal lives of people. They are only entitled to an

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