'Rhetorical Analysis Of Ad Council'

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According to the New York Times, many multimodal texts expose the average person to at least five thousand advertisements a day (Story). In today’s world, ads are everywhere, but one of the most effective forms of advertising is in the advent of television because it provides an excellent combination of pictures, words, music, and animations. Particularly, Ad Council, a non-profit organization, joins with various sponsors to produce and promote unique collaborations of public service announcements. The organization has found ways, using multimodal interfaces, to stimulate action against many problems in the world that primarily concerns Americans (e.g., texting and driving, dating violence, and child hunger). Accordingly, Ad Council has cooperated…show more content…
The viewers can immediately perceive that the music used in this commercial is depressing, slow, and desolate. The music selection is significant because the video is trying to develop an emotional connection with the audience. As the video progresses, the young boy begins to sing about his sorrows, asking why he cannot eat “apples and bananas.” He has a soft, somber, and subtle voice, which presumes that he is distraught about his predicament. His dejected narrative is aiming to elicit an emotional response from the audience. The music also prompts the viewers to feel sympathy for the child, making it easy for one to emotionally invest themselves in the cause. This strategy is important because the commercial wants to appeal to the emotions of those who are watching in order to raise awareness of their cause. Furthermore, as the announcer makes the scene and presents the situation at hand, the viewers hear a familiar voice. As the famous actor, Scarlett Johansson, appears, she projects herself as a compassionate, serious, and informed announcer who is drawing attention to the Feeding America organization. As she represents the millions of people, particularly children, who are struggling daily with hunger, she also creates an appeal to ethos. She uses the word “us,” which shows that she is offering her consolation. Like many other companies who are trying to establish an endorsement, this advertisement is…show more content…
The impact of the video is strong because it covers common ground and ultimately evokes compassion from the audience. The composer has appealed to pathos and ethos, which has overall solidified the ad. The subdued colors and the somber music have depicted how earnest the video is. Together, the elements have successfully worked together to create an effective advertisement, and in just 60 seconds, AdCouncil and Feeding America have effectively broadcasted their world hunger relief campaign. As a result of this compelling video, the audience can help Feeding America lead the nation in their fight against world hunger by donating time or money to their food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and other community-based agencies across
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