Rhetorical Analysis Of Coca Cola

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Each year American companies spends millions of dollars to attract an audience base to buy their product. Many companies understand that release commercial during important events helps bring in revenue and attract a bigger audience base. Coca- Cola features it commercial "America the beautiful" during Super-bowl 47. The most memorable moment of the super-bowl other than the game is the advertisement. Coca-Cola knew that 75% of viewers were will be at home enjoying food and drinks with friends and family. The main focus was to appeal a target audience that is watching the Super bowl game because they love football or just to watch the commercial. In Jack Solomon "Master of Desire”, he brings notice to how American companies manipulate us into buying their products by using fantasy, fear and trembling in an …show more content…

"America the beautiful" is known as a controversial commercial because it brings notice to issue such as religion, and gay parenting that are fearful topics in American society today. Many viewers felt that Coca- Cola should not have to express their opinion on the topic in such a happy setting when one is trying to enjoy each other and the game. Thomas john “Religion in American society” brings notice to how religion can be fearful to mankind but it plays a huge part in the growth of American society. Throughout the commercial coca- cola use different rhetorical features to attract an audience to pay attention to their commercial. The main focus of the commercial is to show how beautiful America is and how coca- cola has been around since 1886 to see the change in American society. In the coca- cola “American the beautiful” commercial, the director use different rhetorical features to bring attention to nature, religion and different age groups in order to persuade an audience that one sip of Coca-Cola helps one image why they feel America is

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