Rodeo Scholarship

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As a graduating senior preparing for college is frightening. The ideas of “how am I going to pay for college?” and “where will I live?” are continuously brought upon myself, and my family. I have worked hard my entire high school career for the opportunity of attending the college I choose, as well as hopes that my work will pay off by receiving financial assistance for my education. Financially, my family has encountered many hardships including: having a single mother, four sisters, and medical adversities.
At a young age my mother and father separated leaving my mom single with five girls. With the absence of my father my mom is the only provider in my household. Having such a large family, and only the income of one parent my mom has worked several jobs at a time to insure all our needs were met. With the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo Scholarship the financial burden on my mother and myself would be significantly lowered. By receiving this scholarship …show more content…

The second oldest, diagnosed at birth with a heart defect has undergone numerous open heart surgeries starting at the age of 6. Her complications include: repairmen of a hole in the heart, insertion of a pacemaker ( which had been replaced several times), 8 stents placed in arteries, disk deterioration, and fibromyalgia, which as a combination causes seizures. Following, the middle sister was born three months early, with being premature she developed Cerebral Palsy a condition in which she will never be able to walk or fully function without the assistance of someone else. She undergoes physical therapy and Botox shots to loosen her muscles to make her everyday actives easier. As I am the only child living at home full time, she live in Austin, Texas in an assisted living facility and makes regular visits home. Though moved out both sisters still require financial assistance from my mother in support of their

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