Roles Of Context In Translation

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Linguists have noticed the important role of context and then they make classification of the different definition based on different standards. According to different linguists, the context is the environment where the verbal communication takes place, that is to say, context is the survival of verbal language domain. Translation is an extremely complicated topic. Doing the good translation needs to determine the meaning of words, a process called understanding, which is the core task in translation. Context is the premise of translation, so the translator and the translation teaching should make full use of context to determine the exact meaning of the words. The English and Chinese linguists Firth (J.Firth) said: “Each word when used in a new context is a new word”, [4] this fully shows that context plays a restriction role in the process of translating, translation is the process that transforms the original language into another equivalent language. Translation is closely related to the progress of human civilization, and the communication between different civilizations is important factors to promote the development of human civilization, and the communication link and bridge is translation. The use of the language cannot function without context, and also the translational work dealing with language. Translation is extremely connected to context as a communicated way between different language and an activity in different cultures. In 1990s the concept of context

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