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TO: Mr.Garon Wheeler, Head of the Company
FROM: Adam Ben Sassi
DATE: November 24, 2015
SUBJECT: Product Recommendation

PURPOSE: Every six months our organization holds a gathering. During the gathering thirty picked employees are given a present. The current year's picked present is smart phones. We are yet to pick which type of smart phone to be purchased. The primary reason behind this report is to give us a better idea about each of the three picked items.

I was assigned to search and collect data about the three different types of items. The chosen item was smart phones. In this report I am going to talk about and compare each of the three items and at the end I will
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Like the iPhone's app store, Samsung has Its own app store which is called " Galaxy Store". It also has a big amount of applications available to download and this time each one of them is free.
The advanced features on this phone will leave you wondering how our technology reached this level of advancement. For instance the ability to charge your phone from a distance without having to move to the plug The time it takes the phone to charge is fast, just 10 minutes of charging can give you up to 4 hours of usage. The camera is clear and smooth, and it can take stunning pictures with its 16 mp lens.
Even the design changed, they stepped away from using plastic material. Now they use metal and glass for an eye catching look.
Although it is a nice and useful phone, it has much more cons than the iPhone. The software is not as good, and after a lot of downloading and usage the can become slow and stressful to use. The storage ability is pretty low, and there is no option where you can expand the size of the storage. Plus it is less user friendly that the
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It is a big competitor to the iPhone as well as the Samsung, but this phone has slightly more advantages over the Samsung.
The phone's design is very neat and classy, the screen is bigger and more clearer than that of the Samsung's. It does a very good job when it comes to battery life, compared to the other two competitors, it has the longest lasting battery life. The best breath taking feature is that the phone is water proof. No any other phone has that feature yet. It gives you the ability to literally wash your phone without damaging its great and smooth working software.
Just like any other phone, it has its own cons. For example the camera is slow and not very clear to use, plus it does not have the photo burst feature that is available on the other two phones. It heats up very quickly, and that leads the phone to become slower and lose its battery faster.

After all of the research I have done and the information that I collected, I made a choice about which item is preferable to pick. Though the results were really close the item I picked is the iPhone 6s. It might be expensive but I find it a very pleasant reward to our employees. I chose this particular product because it stands out among its competitors and it is better than them in many

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