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School Uniforms Are The Way To Go

School uniforms are essential towards a school’s success. There are many benefits to having uniforms, yet many would still argue that uniforms hinder students’ abilities to express themselves, but if uniforms are strictly enforced, students will be able to focus more in school, be less likely to indulge in gang violence, and help lower income families save money on clothes.

Background The way a person dresses is how someone is first seen and then judged. A test was made to see how people can change their judgement on a person just based off of their clothes, a group of men and women were assigned to give judgements on men and women who had Tailored suits and people who had suits you would buy
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The convenience of the uniforms are great for students as well. “While she would prefer shirts in a lighter blue, as opposed to navy, Alexandria said the uniforms made life simpler. “Yeah, it’s so much easier in the morning,” she said. “When I get up, I already know what I’m wearing, and it’s already hung on my door.” (Weiss, NYTIMES). The expression argument is great, but this expression can cause students to focus too much on their outfits instead of actually focusing on studying and learning in school. The professional look gives off the impression that the student is smart and a promising member of a society that will benefit the future. This will boost overall performance in the school due to such a positive meaning. Uniforms also have been shown to increase attendance and graduation rates. “YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Requiring students in urban public high schools to wear uniforms results in increased attendance, higher graduation rates and fewer student suspensions” (Campus Safety Staff). Schools with strict uniform policies have more retention rates from students which overall is great for students. Some may say that this limits expression, but this expression comes from education itself, and if students are attending school more they will learn to use this expression even further.The convenience of having something you can wear everyday without having to think about it keeps a students focus on strictly school when in…show more content…
When uniforms are in place, there is not significant , which makes students feel closer to one another bringing a more positive environment. “But some research suggests uniforms do indeed result in a more harmonious school environment, including Impact of School Uniforms on Academic Achievement and Student Behaviour, published in the U.S. in 2009” (Hassan, Toronto SUN). A more harmonious environment equates to a more peaceful workplace for students. The calmer the environment the less violence is likely to happen thus keeping students safe. Not only does this prevent bullying, but it saves families money. School clothes investments are less costly when schools have uniform policies in place. “According to a 2013 survey from the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), 77 percent of respondents estimated the average cost of school uniforms per child, per year, was $150 or less…. According to the National Retail Federation, in 2013 parents spent close to $231 per child on back-to-school clothing. In 2016 that number has gone up. Back-to-school clothing purchases are expected to be more than $235 per child. New shoes add about $130 to the tab” (Ingram There is a hefty price difference between the uniforms and non-uniform clothes. The benefits of Uniforms are too much. Student expression should be done during school and in their work. Looking at a parents view point, clothes at school are an expensive
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