Shattering Glass Reflection

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Artifact #4 Reflection
My fourth artifact is based on the Shattering Glass Final Quiz because I improved a lot since I studied for two weeks before the quiz. Shattering Glass Final Quiz is about a test of knowledge based on the character descriptions, the book and using my memory skills to answer the question. The purpose of this quiz, based on the character descriptions and the book that is being measured. The new information that I learned is reading the question before answering it and understanding the question in my brain before answering it. The things that I found interesting are I used my memory techniques to remember the information about the characters/plot of Shattering Glass. The things that I didn’t know before are that I thought
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The types of reading I have done are Intensive and Extensive Reading. The types of reading that I enjoyed are Intensive reading because I learned new words in order to expand my vocabulary such as the Shattering Glass vocabulary include prowess means skill, groused means complained, circumvented on the routine means went around and shepherd means led. The types of reading that I found the difficult are Extensive Reading such as reading On The Sidewalk Bleeding Quiz because it builds confidence within the reader while I was reading one paragraph out loud in front of my classmates. I can demonstrate the ability to read and to respond to a variety of texts because I would respond to questions that I already know and I would go to the challenging questions at the end or I would ask for clarification from my teacher. I can demonstrate the ability to understand the organizational structure/ features of informational, narrative and graphical texts because it helps me remember important information and it helps me understand the information. For example, the types of information that I remember who the characters are and where the story takes place in Shattering Glass. I can demonstrate an understanding of the content and meaning of a variety of texts because I might have a personal connection to a topic and some of the topics might be familiar to me. I use various…show more content…
The types of writing that I enjoyed the most are the Late Start Supported Opinion Paragraph and Persuasive because I like to inform or explain the subject to the reader and stating my opinion to influence the reader. The types of reading that I found difficult are narrative because sometimes the author wouldn’t give a clear explanation such as the events and where the setting takes place. I can use the writing process to generate and organize ideas and produce first drafts, revised drafts and final polished pieces of writing because I would organize my ideas on my rough copy before proceeding to the good copy. I have knowledge of various writing forms: summary, opinion, news report and a reflection because I would search it up to get an idea of the writing forms before I start to work on it. I am working on the ability to communicate with different audiences and purposes because sometimes I would get confused with my topic and I wouldn’t know what I am doing. I can critically analyze, research and reflect because I have done it last year for a few of my classes
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