Short Term Effect Of Earthworm Essay

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The effect would be that the autotrophs wouldn’t be able to get enough of the sun’s rays which they use to create the food they need to survive. This would spread to the other animals because the herbivores would need the plants to fuel their bodies, and without the plants, they would die. Once the herbivores die out, the carnivores would die out because they don’t have a source of food to eat. This would cause an extinction of all animals because the bottom of the food chain was taken away destroying the rest of the food chain. Some short term effects for earthworms would be that they
Some short term effects for producers would be that they would start dying out because they wouldn’t have any sunlight to produce the food which they need to survive. Once the plants die out, the consumers would shortly die out because they wouldn’t have the plants to give them …show more content…

Since the eagles, ospreys, and other birds of prey are bigger, they would be able to ingest more food than that of the smaller songbirds. Since they ingest more food, the amount of DDT would increase causing the effects more deadly causing their populations to decline more heavily. The smaller songbirds would not eat as much, which means that they effects would not be as bad which means that their population wouldn’t decline much at all.
The societies that are hunting and gathering based are not going to have a high population because the amount of food they can have is smaller, which would mean that you would want a smaller population for all members to be fed and not have anyone starving. Societies that are farming based can account for higher populations since they can grow more crops and can be able to feed all members and not have anyone

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