Should Meldonium Be Allowed In Sports

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Frank Molinaro lays down on the wrestling mat with his hands over his head after losing to a Bulgarian, Boris Novachkov, in the country of Turkey at the last chance Olympic qualifier. This loss had crushed Frank’s dreams of becoming an Olympian. This was the last chance for him to qualify for the games as there were no more opportunities left. After thinking that he wouldn’t be representing the United States in Rio de Janeiro, news came out a few days later that the medalists in front of him had tested positive for meldonium, a performance enhancing drug that many athletes use. Frank Molinaro is now an Olympian. Meldonium increases the blood flow in your body and more oxygen is carried to your muscle tissue, which makes it so the exercise…show more content…
The NBC Olympics page explained, “In April, it was reported that at least 172 athletes worldwide had tested positive for meldonium at the time.” The ban on meldonium and other performance enhancing drugs have been a huge issue around the world today, especially with the Olympics coming up in August. A question that is talked about a lot is whether or not doping should be allowed in sports throughout the world. On one side of the debate, people believe that athletes should be able to enhance their performance as they need to, depending on certain situations. However, it is absolutely critical that doping should not be allowed in sports throughout the world because these drugs damage your health, they provide unfair advantages to the person who is using them, and they drastically affect the reputation of…show more content…
Some people say that athletes should be able to enhance their performance for a big competition to achieve their goal. Athletes should want to perform well on the biggest stage, but they should be doing it fairly. They shouldn’t use these drugs because it isn’t fair for the other competitors who are keeping the sport clean. Initially, in a newspaper article by USA Today, Victor Conte said, “They know when it works. When you take drugs, you know when you 're stronger, faster, have more endurance.” This shows that these performance enhancing drugs provide unfair advantages to athletes. The people who use these can be stronger, faster, and more conditioned than you and that is not right. Secondly, Kevin Helliker and Sara Germano say that in many sites, such as, there are reviews for meldonium that say it, “promises to enhance running ability, increase fat burning ability, reduce lactic acid formation and enhance recovery from exercise.” As you can see, these drugs give performance enhancing effects to users. Some people lie and say that they don’t, but if you visit sites like this you can look at the reviews and know that they actually do give advantages to the athletes. Thirdly, Patrick Reevell, a writer for the New York Times indicates, “Meldonium helps increase blood flow and therefore increases the amount of

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