Should Students Get Mental Health Days Off From School Essay

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Should Students Get Mental Health Days off From School? School; once a place for laughter and friends, has become a place for misery and distress for students around the world. With the recent rise in youth depression and anxiety, a discussion has sparked across the globe whether students should be able to stay home from school for beneficiary reasons although some express their appeal for the matter, saying that it causes students to fall behind with school work. Students should get mental health days off from school because it can reduce behavioral issues, improve academic performance, and boost overall health. To begin with, students are suffering from stress in schools now more than ever. Due to overwhelming pressure and a lack of resources, …show more content…

For example, high schoolers are behaving more like middle school students, often shoving and pushing each other in the hallways, she says. Some kids who are struggling often manifest their emotions with more aggression and violence” (Chatterjee). The evidence shows that because students are struggling with mental health, they are starting to misbehave and resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms. This highlights the impact of mental health of students and shows how mental health is a driving factor for behavioral issues . If students are constantly stressed and unwell, they start to dissociate and act out of bottled up emotions. A solution to this issue would be a mental health day off from school because it gives students a chance to reflect on their emotions and behavior. Moreover, if students are provided with support such as mental health day offs, they would be inclined to stay home if they’re having a bad day instead of going to school and misbehaving out of emotion. Furthermore, with the recent events of the pandemic, students are being faced with more challenges and are trying to readjust to current circumstances.

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