Should Teachers Have Guns In School Analysis

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Teachers should not be allowed to carry guns in the classroom because arming teachers can lead to teachers and students being targeted. In Alice Gilmore’s article, “Should Teachers Have The Right To Bear Arms In School” from The Blue and White, Gilmore educates parents and staff about dangers lying within arming teachers and the potential problems with guns in the presence of children. She states, “Some people also believe that if teachers have guns, this will scare off a psychopath from not shooting at a school” (1). Gilmore explains that while it is possible that a teacher with a gun might pose a threat to would-be criminals, the criminals are going to be prepared because schools are proudly announcing their guns in their classrooms. If …show more content…

Gilmore stated, “When you have a problem that involves people being killed by guns, the best way to solve the problem is not bringing more guns into the equation” (1). Gilmore explained that if teachers have guns, students will believe that having weapons is fine. Teachers are whom students spend their days with, therefore, if a student sees a teacher with a gun they might believe that guns are harmless and belong in schools. Not only can his can lead to students getting their hands on dangerous and deadly weapons even earlier in life, but it can cause more casualties. Gilmore also stated, “Because you are a teacher does not mean that you are psychologically stable and responsible enough to bear arms” (1). It is not going to protect anyone if a gun is in the hands of an unstable educator. Timothy Johnson from Media Matters for America mentioned that guns can distract teachers from their jobs as well. Johnson stated, “When you ask them [teachers] to be security guards, you are distracting them from their jobs” (1). If a teacher is acting as a security guard with no training, this will place the educator in more danger. A teacher is not fit to be a security guard, just as they are not fit to carry guns in their

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