Argumentative Essay: Preventing School Shootings In Public Schools

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In 2015 there were about 52 school shootings. 21 colleges and universities, 15 high schools, 3 middle schools, 10 elementary schools, 2 preschools, and 1 was a bus a school bus. All these shooting there are 32 that have died and 53 were injured. All teachers in the United States should have a gun. To make themselves and the students feel safe. Also to protect them from intruders.
My first reason is The teachers would be able to feel safe along with the students. My first piece of evidence. Kasey Hansen is a special needs teacher in Utah. She works at the Granite School District elementary, middle and high school. She carries around a pick handgun and said “ I want to be able to protect my students at all times.” (, MURPHY, NEWS21 )This proves that Kasey Hansen is one of many teacher in the US to have a gun to protect her students. Kasey treats her students like they are her own children. Any adult would do anything to keep their children out of harm's way. Even if that means that they …show more content…

But It actually increase the protection levels. Because the teachers have a something to defend themselves with instead of a number 2 pencil. My first piece of evidence is The superintendent of Harrold, Texas, school district sees guns as a tool used to defend oneself and loved ones. This proves
That the superintendent is encouraging the teachers to get training. So they are allowed to carry a gun in school.And guns are going to improve the safety levels because the guns are going to be used as a tool to defend the teachers and the students. (Boyette, CNN)
This is why all teachers should have a gun. One to make themselves and the students feel safe. Second to Protect the rom a armed intruder. Which scenario would you want? Being trapped in a school with a armed person with nothing to protect yourself. Or would you rather have a teacher in your classroom with a gun to keep everyone

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