Should The Arguments Against Police Brutality

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Police brutality has became one of the most serious issues in the United States and citizens believe that the police forces have become corrupt. Approximately 32,340 people have incidents with the police that involve force. Which if you do the math that is only 1% of the population. When a police officer shoots and kills somebody they always have the same excuse. “He was running towards me reaching for my gun” or “He was posing as an immediate threat”. When we see police going around shooting people they make the community distrust them more and more each day.

Who is the city going to call when they see criminal acts being portrayed? If they can’t trust the police than people will be getting robbed, murdered, and raped everyday without being …show more content…

Students have been recording the officer’s behavior and then posted the video on social media which caused a major outrage in the city and then sooner later nation wide. Students from previous years had said the officer has been like that for many years before. After the video surfaced the sheriff of the town had then fired the officer for his “unacceptable actions”. (Jess Colarossi: The most horrific police brutality cases in october.) Do you think an officer would be convicted for coming out of a bar and fatally shooting someone, then wounding the fatally shot mans brother? If you guessed yes, you’re wrong. A off duty officer was at a bar the night two men was shot. It was close to closing time and after a night of hard drinking. He walked outside and saw a fight break out, so the officer who is completely hammered tried to end the altercation with his police weapon. He had a fatally shot a unarmed man named Omar Ventura, then continued to shoot wounding Mr. Ventura’s brother. The only issue is that their is no video of the shooting or any other of the questionable shooting in Houston. None of

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