Similarities Between Despereaux Tilling And Frankenstein

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Despereaux Tilling vs. Frankenstein’s Monster Kate DiCamillo's Newbery Medal book, The Tale of Despereaux, details the story of a mild-mannered mouse named Despereaux Tilling and his journey to find his way back from the certain death that the community has beckoned him to; and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is about a young scientist named Victor Frankenstein who mixes and matches dead body parts to make a living creature, the one and only Frankenstein’s Monster. What I mean by all this exposition is that Despereaux Tilling and Frankenstein’s Monster are actually very comparable; not to say that they are exactly the same. While both Despereaux the the Monster are outcasts, want knowledge, and scare people; they differ in their self-acceptance, their consequences, and their savageness. …show more content…

First of all, they are both outcasts. In The Tale of Despereaux, Despereaux faces these hardships as far as being sent down to a dungeon. In Frankenstein, the Monster constantly has people not give him a chance because of the differences he upholds. Also, both characters want knowledge. In The Tale of Despereaux, Despereaux spends days in the castle library reading a story that he finds exceptional; not even thinking about consequences. In Frankenstein, the Monster spends days held up in a shack peering in on a family’s life in order to be able to read and write. Lastly, both characters scare people. In The Tale of Despereaux, Despereaux makes people run away in fear when he violates even the most basic rules of mousedom. In Frankenstein, the Monster, being the 8-foot-tall giant that he is, people run away in fear at the sheer way he

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