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Many individuals with disabilities have do not have a large social circle made up of individuals who are not family or paid to interact with them. Every Wednesday, a group of individuals with disabilities comes to campus to hang out and interact with college students. I can be a part of this great social hour. Social Hour is a great opportunity for those with disabilities to hang out with others that are not their family, care takers, or educators. This is also a great opportunity for the individual’s caretakers to have a break and enjoy talking to each other. Social hour began about a month ago. We meet every Wednesday from one to two pm. We meet in the student center and hang out in the student lounge. There are a variety of activities for these individuals to choose from. Those who come enjoy billiards, ping pong, and foosball. We also have less physical activities like coloring, drawing, card games, playdough, bingo, and much more. Sometimes we go get coffee or a snack with our friends that come. We also encourage our friends to tell us what games they want to play or bring their own. Taking part of social hour does not only benefit those with disabilities but also benefits those who are involved and not involved. I can interact with many different…show more content…
Being a special educator one day will expose me to a variety of students who have a variety of abilities. Granted every child is different, I will be able to use my interactions with friends now for the future reference. It also connects me to other students who are in the special education program. This will allow me to start my PLN. It is very important as a future educator to connect with other educators to get ideas, advice, and techniques from. I also have the opportunity to talk to the caregivers of our friends, this skill will come in handy for the future when I will be talking to my student’s different care givers, therapists,

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