Standardized Testing Persuasive Essay

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There are many bills that have been placed in order to help people. In particularly, there has been a bill passed that states that there would be counseling to help those who need help going into college. This bill will ensure that the students are college ready by having check requirements on how well they pass statewide New Jersey standardized testing. I do not agree with the passing of this bill because even though these tests may help determine if a student is college ready, it does not measure their abilities to problem solve. This bill states that you must get a minimum of twenty four on the verbal ACT, a minimum of a five hundred and forty on the critical reading section of the SAT, and an advanced proficient score on the High School Proficiency Assessment, also known as the HSPA. …show more content…

In particular, not everyone who scores high on standardized tests do better than those who perform poorly on these tests. In fact, some people who perform exceptionally well on the ACT, HSPA, and the SAT drop out of college and do poor in college. The score that you receive on these tests do not show college readiness, as much as it shows an ability to perform on a statewide level of excellence. Standardized testing impacts incoming college students because they feel that in order to get into a good school, in which they must perform well on these tests. But, in reality, that is not always valid. Not only this, but those who come from low-class families tend to do worse than those who come from middle-class and high-class families. Because of the fact that those who could afford SAT, ACT, and HSPA tutoring will further benefit them in the long run when taking these

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