Standardized Testing Persuasive Essay

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I know you have challenging decisions to make since you just became the President of the United States. There’s probably more important things to worry about like ISIS, but this is important to the future generations of our country. From the age we have hit 5 years old we have gone to school, spending seven hours in a building using our brains to help us get an education. We are taking midterms, finals, SATS, ACTS, AIR tests, and everyday testing are just a few tests we take on average, but when is enough?
Students want to have a childhood, they don’t want to sit in a school building taking tests. “‘Kids spend too much class time taking standardized tests,’ President Barack Obama said on October 24. According to a new report, “students spend 20 to 25 hours each school year, taking these tests”(A Call). Students are spending a whole day staring at a computer or paper bubbling in answers that they won’t even remember the next day. Kids aren’t learning anything from …show more content…

The article, Standardized Testing, says, “They fail to measure such important attributes such as creativity and critical thinking skills” (Harris). People are going to say that “extended response show your creativity and multiple choice answers won’t,” but in reality extended response question don’t. Clearly it’s still limiting you by making you follow the guidelines in order to obtain points so in reality you aren’t able to show your creative side. Every time I take a big test, I get all stressed out over nothing. Although they don’t count for anything, they don’t show who you are or what you are capable of students still get stressed out. All our teachers do is prepare us for tests and not life skills. When we step out into the big world, we don’t even know how to do the little objectives in life such as paying bills. Schools should start teaching us the things that we actually use later in life and not useless

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