Statement Of Purpose: A Career In Human Services

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Welcome to my career advice blog for human services, psychology and counseling majors! Almost 7 years ago, I earned my master 's degree in human services. At the time, I was an almost mid-life career changer who was leaving corporate America after 11 years. Unsatisfied with current job, I wanted to start a career where I could make a difference in people 's lives. Soon after graduation, I started a career teaching online. Over the past 6.5 years, I 've taught a plethora of psychology, human services, and workforce development courses. I love teaching and coaching adult learners, so I wanted to expand my audience outside the classroom. This blog is for recent college graduates and mid-life career changers who are pursuing careers in this field. The field of psychology covers careers in law enforcement, counseling, human resources, education, management and much more.…show more content…
It takes a special person to choose a career in a profession that works with individuals with mental illness, developmental disabilities, victims of abuse, and chronic homelessness. Every career in human services is not a good fit for everyone. My goal is to get you thinking about how your personality, long-term goals, weaknesses, strengths, values, interest and skills match your career choice. I want my readers to avoid working in a niche that drains them emotionally and physically. Finding your place in the workforce can be overwhelming and some career guidance can make your career transition a bit smoother. Through my experience as a manager in non-profit agencies, I am willing to share resume writing tips, job interview preparation tips, job search strategies that will increase your chances getting noticed by employers. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me with questions about career information. Thanks for stopping
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