Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Self-Directed Learners

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1) Students learn more and better if they take the initiative in their learning than those who do not. Self-directed learners enjoy keeping the attention and motivation to find their learning needs and requirements. They prepare for their own learning persistently through the necessary steps to take the responsibility and to achieve their learning goals. Motivation is an essential aspect in learning to become self-directed learners and the more motivated the learner is, the more effectively you will study. An intrinsic motivation is defined as doing the tasks with full of interest, excitement and curiosity towards the ultimate orientation. This means the activity is not done in order to attain some separable outcome, such as rewards or instrumental…show more content…
Firstly, I had a higher score for discovering self-motivation. I am seeking to find motivation and find purposes of my life with dreams to challenge myself in order to improve my quality of life. I am engaged well with learning with conscientiousness because learning is a great motivating factor in my life. The other strength relates to my motivation as well. To be a self-motivated learner, you have to keep yourself with a good self management. I am good at self-management and I have set my learning goals to achieve my entire dream. I have a strong commitment to make my dreams come true and I am trying to set higher goals than other students and strive for it. I always take actions directly because when you set a goal, your dreams can come true. On the other hand, I have weaknesses in being a self-motivated and engaged student. My weaknesses are all related to confidence and emotions. I do not have as much confidence in myself, my study and my own abilities and sometimes, lack of confidence leads to my emotional state as well. English is not my first language and I always get feedback for my English skills; I feel anxious before seeing my result. I have a motivation for learning; lack of confidence sometimes preventing me from engaging in activities. Therefore, I will need to develop my emotional intelligence and believe myself positively. I will do my works confidently and seeing myself unconditionally…show more content…
Firstly, I will express myself positively. I will write down the positive words that instill confidence with encouragement on the desk as it will help my positive thinking and motivation consistently. Secondly, I will take a regular break during study time. A little rest or sleep will support my learning because sleep helps to reinforce what I have learned. Thirdly, I will figure out my own motivation factor constantly. I will try to concatenate my tasks with a sense of accomplishment, recognition, interest and responsibility to motivate myself more. Fourthly, I will not dissuade myself by a single failure. I will try to learn from failure and try to find the reasons why I could not achieve the goals. Identifying the reasons allow to find other solutions and it will increase a sense of accomplishment after achieving goals. Lastly, I will determine my concentration time. I will set an adequate time to concentrate on the tasks without any external disturbance because concentration varies depending on how much you prevent interference from

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