Strengths Of The Sub-Facets Of Conscientiousness And Personality

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1. Pick what you consider your greatest strength. Be sure to discuss the overall facet (e.g., extroversion) as well as its sub-facets (e.g., assertiveness, gregariousness). How do you think this strength will help you in your future career? I believe that my greatest strength is conscientiousness because my overall score for conscientiousness is 77. The sub-facets of conscientiousness include self-efficiency, orderliness, dutifulness, achievement striving, self-discipline and cautiousness and my scores for these sub-facets are 9, 96, 93, 16, 54, and 93 respectively. So based on the overall score achieved, I considered that conscientiousness is my greatest strength. Basically conscientiousness is one of the five personality qualities of the big five personality hypothesis. Conscientiousness is about how a person controls, manages, and coordinates their motivations. People with a perfect state of conscientiousness on a profession test are great at figuring long-extend objectives, arranging and arranging courses to these objectives, and working reliably to accomplish them. Regardless of fleeting impediments they may experience. Other individuals typically see a principled personality sort as a dependable and reliable person. As I have scored high in conscientiousness so I have a perfect state of self-discipline. Under this strength I want to take after an arrangement, instead of act suddenly. My methodic arranging and steadiness for the most part will make me very successful

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