Strengths Weaknesses

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What is one weakness you have? I am not very good in groups, so that would absolutely be something I may have to work on. I don’t really know how much group work is used in a veterinary office, but I would assume quite a bit. What is one thing you do well? I am pretty good at diagnosing what is wrong with animals, and I think that I would do well with that in the job. Me and animals just fit together really well, I have always had a good connection with them. Why Are You Looking for a Job? I am looking to make some money, to be honest with you. I want to be able to buy my own car, to maybe get a master’s degree in animal science. I am now living on my own, I need enough money to buy food, and other home necessities. I may want some pets…show more content…
One thing that I don’t really consider a weakness, but could be considered one in this circumstance, is that I am not a very good team player. I have worked successfully with a team many times before, in my education, but despite all this, I still am not very good with it or comfortable with it. I mean, not with stuff like surgeries. I would be fine in that team setting, but in some team settings, I think it would be better to say, I suffer a little. But I can still pull through. I am willing to pull through. What Has Been Your Most Rewarding Accomplishment? Honestly, completing college would be my biggest achievement. In my first year, I was struggling for the first semester, I had a hard time with my roommates who I had to live with, I had no choice, I couldn’t really pick. I didn’t mind them, but they would always have these huge and loud ridiculous parties, and I hate parties. Soon, though, two of them left, thankfully the two I disliked, the other two were fine, one of them similar to me as in he hated the parties, and soon two way better people moved in, who I became close friends with, and I still am to this day, Those two are the only “friends” I really consider myself having. They hated parties, they had VERY similar personalities, and we became really good
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