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The researchers’ aim is to determine the effectiveness of the study methods and its role in the proficiency of students in the University. Study Planning constitute variables such as; skills, habits, and strategies of each student. The researcher does not discuss in a certain specified study plan for each student in the University. Its sole aim is to determine the probability of students at Xavier University in utilizing Study Plan Methods, and in assessing their performance in order to determine its effectiveness.
An IQ is not a complete picture of your abilities. Great students also lead balanced lives. They realize that success in school is important, but they recognize the importance of friendships, family, and community;
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Study habits are primarily an external factors that advance the study process such as a sound study pattern, studying sessions, review material, self-evaluate, rehears explaining the material, and studying in a productive environment. (Credé, 2008) In the tertiary level, it is necessary to master the skills because it is useful in different types of activities. Learning to study is to learn to master these skills.
Study techniques are the application of methods and the availability of places that are sometimes odd to study with. Hills and Ballow (2000) had studied this inadequacy among students method. Through the effective application of skills and appropriate utilization of the method's effectiveness can be acquired. Application of skills mainly includes reading, note-taking, proper time management, organizing of materials used for studying and choosing an excellent learning environment among
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The level of effectiveness of students who found it effective is indeterminate.
Half of the respondents have study habits which was rated its effectiveness of 4 out 5. (5 considered as the highest and 0 as the lowest) 43.2% of the randomly selected students do not mainly depend on creating a study plan for the semester, there is only a little difference between students who has a study plan per semester and those who does not have. Approximately 53.8% have followed a certain study plan. Some of the students follow a study plan for the semester and has found it as effective while almost equal amount of the respondents do not.

The researchers have reached the conclusion that the level of effectiveness of the Study Plan of the randomly selected Xavier Students is satisfactory. We can say that it is not as effective as shown in the survey. There is almost proportional difference between the levels of effectiveness and
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