Tesco: An Example Of A Successful Organization

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1. What is meant by successful organizations?

A successful organization can be seen from different perspectives, including perspective of leaders or managers, employees or shareholders. Successful organizations are: (1) organizations that prove to make a change in society, amongst people, and in their lives, (2) are well-organized, well-run and well-maintained collaborations between people, (3) considered in which organizations meet all the expectations of both buyers and sellers, (4) organizations in which at the very least, recovers its initial investment and/or earns profit, (5) are collaborations which ensure and improve the lives and livelihoods of societies by providing jobs and futures for people, (6) organizations that bring people together, to make new friends, partners and etc., because
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By being able to embrace diversity and inclusion, workforce is more likely to engage fully by bringing out their ideas and opinions and develop loyalty to its organization which can help the organization lessen labor force issues.

An example of a successful business organization that uses diversity and inclusivity to provide better service for its customers is Tesco. It is UK’s leading retailer, serving millions of customers everyday. Tesco provides banking, insurance, telecommunications services and strong online presence. Tesco has employees of about 300,000 people in the UK. Tesco ensures its customers and colleagues that they are at heart of everything the business organization does.
Tesco works in a competitive and fluctuating market, thus, needs to be proactive to face these changes by finding talented, skilled and diversified employees, seeing as UK is a very diverse society. UK consists of people from different backgrounds and cultures. Changes, such as the demographics, are constantly taking place. Tesco ensures that its workforce has a balance of different

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