Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX: A History Of Modern Indonesia

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Subject: History An Investigation on the role of an individual in ensuring independence of a nation Research Question: To what extent did Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX play an integral role in ensuring that Indonesia became independent from the Netherlands 1945-1949? A. Introduction: This piece of historical investigation will assess the extent of Sultan HB IX’s role in pushing for the independence of Indonesia from the Netherlands. The struggle for Indonesia’s independence has been a subject that I take great interest in and analyzing the situation in this context would give a broader perspective in relation to the Sultan’s contributions and significance during that time. My main analysis shall evaluate the Sultan’s role…show more content…
Vickers, Adrian. A History of Modern Indonesia. Cambridge UP, 2005. Print Adrian Vickers is a highly experienced professor of Southeast Asian Studies and takes a great interest in Indonesia history. Adrian Vickers’s book seeks to give a history of Indonesia until the ascension of SBY to the Presidency. Since Adrian Vickers is neither an Indonesian nor Dutch, his full capacity as an academic has led him to become unbiased from the two parties. Furthermore, his position allows him to receive more research that is external from a Dutch and Indonesian background. However, since his expertise is only on Indonesian history, he is unlikely to provide an equally extensive scope of knowledge or interest on Dutch history. Additionally, since the book is not specialized in a certain period or era of history, information is not detailed or thoroughly explained. Adrian Vickers did not give more light to important events such as the March One Offensive. That being said, Adrian Vickers was not a witness nor was involved in Indonesian-Dutch relations at all and therefore information might be limited to an external perspective and not an internal one—making it possible that what he thought was important might not be as relevant to an Indonesian or Dutch

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