Summary Of Susan B Anthony On Women's Right To Vote

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The speech, “On Women’s Right to Vote” delivered on 1873 by Susan B. Anthony, addressed the partisan policy women faced in the United States. Before August 18, 1920, women were denied the right to vote or participate in politics; consequently, Susan B. Anthony was arrested after she voted in the presidential election of 1872. As a result, Anthony was fined one hundred dollars, due to inflation that would be nearly two thousand dollars in the contemporary day, but she refused to pay the fine. Anthony claimed she was immaculate and deserved the right to vote, as she explains in her speech. The exhortation made by Susan B. Anthony embodied exceedingly evident validation. Additionally, she adequately attributed variety of techniques and tones in her short yet powerful address. The speech persuades the audience to acquiesce with the orator by providing bold proof and evoking intense emotions. …show more content…

Anthony utilized concrete evidence to support her claim, and she supported her speech with a persuasive and a fervent tone. For instance, in the second paragraph Anthony cited the Federal Constitution to support that “we the people” implies everyone, not just white males. The tone of Anthony’s speech was extremely outraged, especially in the statement “For any state to make sex a qualification that must ever result in the disfranchisement of one entire half of the people, is to pass a bill of attainder.” Similarly, Susan B. Anthony perfected her speech by using other well-built evidences that support her cause. For example, she explained that the Webster, Worcester, and Bouvier define a citizen as “a person in the United States, entitled to vote and hold office.” This particular evidence delineates that if women were citizens, according to that that the government claimed they were, then they would be able to vote. The final evidence Anthony uses intended to pose a thought provoking question that made the listeners agree with the

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