Sustainable: A Major Prerequisite In Sustainable Community Development

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#GOAL: Sustainable Community Development A major prerequisite in developing sustainable communities is having a clear and concise definition of what it really is. According to J.A. Elliot (2013), a community characterized by consistent development maintained over time can be perceived as a sustainable community. There are numerous preconditions for development that need to be considered prior to the mitigation of its impact, since it takes place in different areas and contexts. With this, a sustainable community is able to overcome the challenges it faces and remain socially, environmentally, and economically resilient through integrated solutions that do not hinder the goals of others. A community as such also focuses on both the present and the future with a long-term perspective. The notion of sustainable communities arose from the disposition that it is of vital importance, especially when human conditions and local governance is being thought out and deliberated. The construct of a sustainable community is not only limited to a particular type of region, city, town, or neighborhood. It can also refer to a group of people with the same interests, to a localized, or even multi-state regions, consisting of various organizations and ecosystems. The resources and needs of different communities vary. Therefore, a sustainable community must be able to adjust in order to provide the needs of its people while being mindful to its environment. Self-reliance, increased local

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