Swot Analysis Of Bata Shoes Company

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Swot analysis of Bata
The swot analysis is the observation over an organization:
• Strength
• Weakness
• Opportunities
• Threat
Swot analysis of Bata Shoes Company is given below
1. Intention of sale environment:
Bata Shoes Company has an intention of creating profitable sale environment.
2. Service motive :
Bata shoes have has the motive of better services giving to the consumer.
3. Flexibility:
Bata Shoes Company is a flexible department store.
4. Market research:
The authority does a research over the market
Position up and down price.
5. according to new fashion: Supply of good
It serves the product according to new fashion and style.
Something that describes is not
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The company faces competition from many other companies in the market like Service, Osiris, Timberland but Nike and Adidas are one of their biggest competitors in the market. The Bata has a very large number of competitors whose price is greater than this company, some people prefer to buy expensive products but that are not enough for their needs.
• Price rate:
According to changes in demand price rate of community is less.

1. Rapidly change in the political government of Pakistan effect very badly on BATA Company because with every change in policy the procedure of trade will always change.
2. BATA use leather to mostly make their shoes. ECONOMIC factors
1. Estimated target of 20 billion.
2. As we know that the economic conditions of Pakistan is not good and inflation rate increase day by day which also effect many companies. SOCIAL factor
1. Today mostly Consumers attitudes changing towards unique and branded shoes.
2. Bata target the market of of every age. TECNOLOGICAL factors
1. There is also a competing with technological
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This is because the sector is relatively small because of inward/domestic market demand-oriented nature of the industry. Some inherent weaknesses that the industry faces are high cost of production, due to high cost of dyes and chemicals and lack of innovation in designs.
As we know that Bata is a multiple shoes company .price of the product are fixed. The generally sale shoes for three level of people in society.

 High level price  2000 to 12000
 Medium level price  500 to 2000
 Low level price  100 to 500

The head office of Bata Company is situated at Tonga. They have their own agent in following places.
• Dhaka
• Gazipur
• Sylhet
• Chittagong
• Rajshahi
Bata shoes company use their promotion skills that persuade customer to buy product.
 They do advertising for their new developing product in the newspaper and
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