Swot Analysis Of E-Marketing

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E-Marketing Strategic Planning:
For a successful online market penetration, there is a need to assess the target segment besides the product and the customer needs. Below are the analyses corresponding to the segmentation and targeting, differentiation, and positioning.
Segmentation and targeting:
The geographical segmentation for this E-marketing plan is the United Kingdom with no specific focus on any city. But for the demographic segmentation, this E-marketing plan aims all “Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss users, but mainly people who have passion for sports or go to the gym regularly that are in generation Y as well as late generation X, that are born between 1980-1995, and 1965-1980, respectively. The reason why this segment of the
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This product is manufactured by many companies around the globe that has already established a brand image. For this, the online products will relate to a range of products that the customers are already familiar with. Examples of some of the most popular dietary supplements for weight loss are: “Garcinia Cambogia Extract”, “Hydroxycut”, “Caffeine”, “Orlistat (Alli)”, and whatnot (healthline, 2018).
These products will be in the stock and available for sale in the UK. In addition, the website will be well designed, and will showcase all of the products in a good manner that is easy to access. Further, the website will provide the customers with a search bar that will direct the customers directly to what they need, then add to cart and check out.
As we will be retailing a large quantity of supplements, the purchase of the inventory will be in lower prices. Each brand and size of these supplements will have a different price. Still, we will be targeting deducting the cost of the inventory, its shipment, and just keep a low margin of profit comparing to competitors. This way, prices will be lower comparing to competitors, and at the same time, it is the same
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We will be searching individuals with some selective tools such as the age (between 16 and 30). We well adapt also the products specific to genders.
The implementation in this E-marketing plan will start by the development of the website. This task is divided into designing the website, putting the content, implementing online payments, customer platform, etc. In the website, the web developers will also work on the back end as to create an application for keeping track with the inventory including the number of items left. Finally, a smart chat bot will be installed, which will send automatically an email to potential customers for assistance.
Simultaneously, work will not only be focused on the content of the website, but also the content that will be displayed in the social media, and the creation of the social media accounts, and customize their themes.
After the release of the final version of the website, there will be an aggressive promotion of the website. This is via the release of the social media accounts, the creation of the Google Ad Words in order to promote the website on other

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