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Metro is the largest wholesale center in Pakistan. It was founded in 2007 and created its 15 wholesale centers within a period of 18 months and metro did their wholesale business merger by July 2012 to start up a long term partnership for both companies. The benefit of this merger was to given financial strength and to combine resources. It is a retailor which mainly focuses on dairy products, fruits and vegetables, bakery, detergents, electronics, grocery, home textile, kid’s world, sweets and chocolates, households and imports.
Metro is working with over 2300 employees approximately all over Pakistan. It has expanded its 5 wholesale center to 9 wholesale centers in Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad. Our target customers are general stores, restaurants, industries, offices and families, traders and other business. Metro’s vision and mission statement is to be: “Best in town and become best choice for consumers.”
This case study illustrates how metro’s recruitment and selection processes with effective leadership and helping the company to achieve its mission.

The part which makes Metro more successful is its core values:
Customer first;
Win-win situation.
The services rendered are its delivery services which are basically meant for customers’ convenience. One Stop Solution also provides range of products at one place. One of the most unique facility is live banking facility provided by Metro produces first quality products on demand

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