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Business Plan for MTR Restaurant in Malaysia

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Management Skills and Entrepreneurship 30-Dec-2014

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Mavalli Tiffin Room commonly known as MTR is a food related enterprise in India. MTR is a vegetarian restaurant which first started in 1924 in Bangalore, India (Room, 2014).
MTR restaurants are well known for its Udupi Brahmin cuisine of the coastal region of Karnataka, and famous for its delicious dishes served while maintaining a very high quality and hygiene.
MTR is a brand name which is very well recognized throughout India and the Indian community staying elsewhere in the
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It started off as a small restaurant with priority given to the quality of the food and hygiene. It has been a household name in Bangalore for decades, and people are willing to wait for hours to eat in the restaurant.
MTR management gives emphasis to the quality of food so much that, during emergency in mid 1970s in India, government had announced control on the prices for the food sold in restaurants. Since MTR was not able to meet the quality of the food with the government’s pre-allocated prices, it downed it shutters rather than compromise on the quality of the food served. To save the jobs of their employees, MTR ventured out into the convenience and instant food business (Rediff, 2014). Rest is a history with MTR brand becoming a household name in India, and the Indian community abroad.
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The menu is similar to the
RAVA IDLI Steamed semolina cakes made with a mix of yoghurt, coriander, cashew nuts, curry leaves and mustard seeds. Invented by MTR during World War II, when rice was in short supply, the Rava Idli remains our most popular dish to date.
RICE IDLI & Vada Steamed rice cakes made with a mixture of black gram. Vada - A savoury doughnut made from lentil.
MASALA DOSA Pancake made from rice batter and black lentils, stuffed with spiced potatoes and laced with ghee. Crispy on the outside, yet spongy on the inside!

BISIBELE BHATH A rice dish made of lentils, assorted vegetables, nutmeg, cashews, curry leaves and tamarind pulp. Served with raitha made from curds and onions along with a dollop of ghee. Spicy, tangy, rich and filling!
A heady aroma of spices cooked in a blend of roasted semolina, topped with a slice of tomato. The classic kharabhath, now with extra zing!
A thick sweet porridge made from semolina, vermicelli, ghee, cashews, rasins and sprinkled with saffron. The perfect compliment to the Kharabhath and a great sweet by itself too.

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