Swot Analysis Of Virgin Mobile

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Given the current position Virgin Mobile is within the execution process, extensive analysis and research is required to effectively and adequately fulfill their underlying objectives. When analyzing a perspective industry to embark upon, it is important to evaluate the competition and the attractiveness of your company in comparison to the current offerings available. Therefore, in evaluating Virgin Mobile’s position in the mobile phone industry, it was important to note that the companies that currently occupy the market have the capital and market relevance. On the other hand, their complacency in the market place has shown in their reluctance to expand their target market. The vary factors that contribute to the attractiveness in a market…show more content…
Fortunately, this company can rectify the problems that their competitions have encountered and identify how to pacify their shortcomings prior to launch within the United States. Therefore, Virgin Mobile needs to identify their internal strengths and weaknesses as well as their external opportunities and threats through a SWOT analysis.
• Strengths: Their established mobile phone platform in other countries offers an insight on what to avoid and pursue in certain target markets. In addition, their mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) directly attributes to their ability to cut total costs of their offer wings. The abundance of pricing options is also a strength in a sense that it offers different avenues the company can embark upon.
• Weaknesses: Given that (MVNO) lacks an in-house networking system, the exposures to widespread cellular difficulties are inevitable if a problem were to occur. The minimal advertising capital in comparison to other companies poses as a weakness because established companies in the industry can constantly present their offerings and differentiate themselves in various
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The pricing structure that I suggest being executed is the option to implement a whole new plan that includes a combination of a favorable on and off-peak schedule and the elimination of contracts. In the saturated mobile phone industry, a radical pricing strategy is needed to create a competitive advantage amongst competitors by adding or deducting from the common structure. Furthermore, this option would allow for Virgin Mobile to create a company culture built around innovation and creativity in their products with acceptable prices to compliment. All in all, this option allows for Virgin Mobile to provide amazing customer service and pricing flexibility to create a competitive

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