Symbolism In Never Cry Wolf

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Never Cry Wolf is a complex and interesting story where many concepts are explored. Man’s relationship with nature, First Nation’s history, and Canadian history are all touched on in the movie. The effects of capitalism is also a central theme to the movie. The plot revolves mainly around Tyler, a biologist hired by the Canadian government, and Mike, an Inuit who was sent down south to go to school, and the relationship of their stories. The story is constructed in a way that shows the similarities and differences of the two stories, while also discussing the place of nature and culture in each. In particular, the writer’s use of metaphor and symbolism works to highlight the way that Europeans and their capitalistic systems have influenced First Nations and their culture.

“When a meat eater becomes a sugar eater”: Mike was forced to become a sugar eater, just like the First Nations were forced into dependency on Europeans. First nations used to exist eating natural foods, such as different meats and fish, which they killed themselves. The First Nations were forced into a situation where they became dependent on grocery stores and were moved into a white-washed world where they were unable to live a traditional self-dependent life like they used to. In the same way, Mike, who grew up eating natural foods, became dependant on white-washed food for survival while he was at school in the south. Sugar can be addicting, and It’s not natural in the First Nations diets to have

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