Teacher Education Research

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Part B
7. Issues and concerns in Teacher Education between developing and developed country. (Choose ant ONE (1) country from each category)

Teacher education programs among countries are often examined and are analyzed for further enhancement of their effectiveness. In this 21st century, teachers are not only expected as imparters of knowledge, teachers are also to hold the responsibility of shaping a better citizenry. This paper aims to compare and contrast the teacher education in Singapore and Malaysia in order to trace the differences and similarities in the responses of these two developed and developing countries.

Teacher education refers to a program that is related to the development of teacher
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The teacher is the person essentially responsible for implementation of the educational process at any stage. This shows that it is vital to capitalize in the preparation of teachers, so that the future of a nation is protected. The importance of competent teachers to the nation’s school system can in no way be overemphasized. Teacher education is extensive and comprehensive. Besides, pre-service and in-service programs for teachers, it is meant to be involved in numerous community programs and added activities such as adult education, and non-formal education, literacy and development activities of the society. Teacher education is dynamic. In order to prepare teachers who are competent to face the challenges of dynamic society, teacher education need to keep abreast of current developments and…show more content…
Thirty years ago, college graduated were conferred certificates in teaching after attending a two-year pre-service training program. Twenty years ago, the training was expanded to a three-years and the students were granted a Diploma in Teaching. In the last 8 years, the government has been made to award of degree for those scholars who go to the classes and the training program has been prolonged to five and a half years at University Pendidikan of Sultan Idris (Vethamani, 2011). A further development in the style of deliverance of the teacher preparation programs. Conventionally, teacher training had been conducted face to face and teacher trainees were asked to be on campus for their training. From the formers 1990s, with the establishment of Open University Malaysia and its offering of in-service teacher training, open distance learning which integrated a blended mode of face to face and online learning became yet another mode of teacher training. Today, both Open Universities and some public universities conduct teacher training in the blended mode of face to face and online
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