Technology In Education Essay

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Technology in education at universities is one of the most successful way, which is leading to more appropriate education. In my opinion students studying at universities are able to understand which information is beneficial for them and which is not. By contrast, students at schools are not as responsible as ones studying at universities. It seems to me that instead of searching for information they need, most of them are chatting on Face Book or uploading pictures to Instagram, or tweeting. By technology I imply not only laptops and phones, but also smart boards ,which can be a powerful tool for visual learners. Applying technology to lessons at universities can facilitate not only students’ lifes, but also teachers’. For example, at ADA…show more content…
Why not to apply technology to education at universities? I suppose that the majority of students whom I know have problems with access to books they need at university. The first benefit of technology for university students is books. Nowadays it is hard to find hardcopy of books, consequently students have to order these books from web-sites or to use portable document format version and carry gadgets with them at university. Gadgets are even better than books, while searching internet students are able to approach information from different perspectives. In my opinion gadgets can replace books.As a result students do not need to purchase extra money for books. Using gadgets instead of books helps to protect environment. If books are not bought, trees are not cut. Second beneficial feature is the level of grasping information. Lectures presented by the assistance of visual aids are profitable for students with visual cognition. These students can learn the material they need from presentations. One of the most important features is that technology creates new possibilities for students. They can get education despite of obstacles related to health, finance and other obstacles. Students can attend online courses not only when they have problems with health and they are not able to attend classes, but also if they are living in rural areas. Education has no obstacles while applying technology to
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