Teenage Activism: The Causes And Challenges Of Teen Activists

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Teen Activism Have you ever wanted something super bad and would do anything to get it. That 's what a teen activist is. They fight for a cause and never give up about it. A teen activist is also someone who is supporting an important cause and wants to change something to make something right, said WorldActivist.weebly.com. Teen activists can also overcome obstacles or challenges. Teen activists also can affect many people in many ways. Like most teen activists, they can involve in physical or mental violence because of there cause. Also they might have people or groups trying to stop then along the way. That might occur because some people don’t like the cause the teen activist is fighting for, which can lead to physical or mental violence. Also most teen activists don’t have enough help. Teen activists can’t do big things/changes by themselves. Here are some examples. Many activists get in danger because of the cause their supporting. That can lead to physical or mental violence. For example in Pakistan a 12 year old girl named Malala Yousafzai fought for girls education, said guardian.com. A bad group of people in pakistan called the Taliban, were closing the schools for girls and Malala wanted to stop that. Also the Taliban slaughtered 2-3 people a night Because she was speaking out so much she started to get targeted by the Taliban. A couple years later when she was 16 she got shot in the head by the Taliban and was sent directly to the hospital. Eventually she

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