The Benefits Of Online Education And Online Learning

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Education is a process of learning to receive knowledge, skills and experiences of a group of people and move it from generation to the next by training and discussion.
Recently, an education evolved and became more easily than before. There are two ways of education and we will discuss what benefit of each way and what kind of education students prefer and how online learning affects to improve your skills and experiences in this essay.

Nowadays technology became very important and entered in the education it’s called online learning. Online learning or (distance learning) is electronic learning and delivered lectures from the internet and use web browser of the computer without attending in class for example web: (Firefox and Internet explorer). This type of learning was through mail, but now by chatting and takes classes from home or office. Students use mail to submit assignments and discuss tutor in any time, so they don’t have to wait for office hours to discuss the tutors by sending e-mails. Sometimes students discuss different information with others by chatting. As a result, they get new friends. Another point is that, they don’t have to travel aboard and can spend time with your family, so you will save the time and can do any work. The cost of this learning more than traditional learning because it provides everything you want to learn via the internet and tutors can record lectures and download them.
Although, online learning is very increasing and

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