The Controversy Of Boycotting Celebrity Advertising

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Boycotting advertisements that showcase celebrities is an unjustifiable solution to a minuscule problem. Advertising has been prevalent for decades and advertisements with celebrities are not a new occurrence. People believe that it is not right to have a celebrity advertise a product, but the justification for this is irrelevant. There is no rock-solid reason as to why these advertisements should be removed. People should not boycott this advertising because the celebrity might actually support the product, companies have a right to advertise what they want, and advertisement acting is just another job for people to have. An often overlooked fact is that sometimes celebrities actually do use and enjoy the product they are advertising. Celebrities may have fame and fortune, but underneath that they are humans just like anyone else. Saying that all celebrities are lying about the products they use is an incredibly massive over simplification that is not true. These claims devalue the celebrities that are not lying and are being truthful about what they support.…show more content…
These advertisements are in no way hurting anyone. In fact, the frustration that is shown by people who want to boycott these ads is caused by themselves. They are upset by the “misleading” information, but there is nothing stopping them from doing their own research into the product. All of the frustrations are caused by the errors that these individuals make

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