The Dangers Of Hazing In The United States

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Hazing has been an issue for over two thousand years. Throughout the history Hazing has been a major problem, as for those who endure it, it’s a very horrible experience. Some think of it as an initiation or a ritual, some think of it as abuse. Hazing now days, is one of the fastest rising problems in America as well as in other countries. Hazing has caused many deaths and left others with psychological problems. Hazing humiliates, and degrades individuals to a point of no return. People are starting to realize the dangers of hazing due to recent deaths of many kids and teenagers. Hazing used to be thought of as harmless and was considered to be harmless pranks involving college students in fraternities. Today, hazing is constantly experienced …show more content…

There has been a great magnitude of recent incidents. These incidents have been documented in marching bands, religious cults, schools and other types of clubs. Reports of hazing in high school are greatly rising as well. Hazing is considered to be: physical abuse, hazardous, sexually violating and mental abuse. Hazing “is an extraordinary activity that, when it occurs often enough, becomes perversely ordinary,” (Hawk Nuwer, Wrongs of Passage). This quotation describes one of the numerous effects of hazing. What it means, is that hazing is becoming more and more common everyday that the practicants of hazing will find a way to manipulate it and find new torturous ways of doing it. Though hazing is become more and more common, it is still not being readily reported. Some reasons, of many, is that hazing is not being reported, is because the victims of hazing see it as a right of passage (act of initiation, a trial). Thus, they do not see a reason to report this to a teacher, manager or the police. The ones in charge of administering the hazing warn their victims by telling them that it will get increasingly worse, harder and oftentimes punished if the actives find out that they have spoken with an authority. Hazing is compared to an epidemic infection, because of its fast growing, people have started to take notice of this. Yet even with growing concern amongst the masses of people in the world and victims, hazing cases go overlooked and if hazing isn’t reported as readily as it

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