The Pros And Cons Of Electronic Advertising

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Electronic advertising is an incredible revolution in the era of globalization. Over the last decade, technology has gradually took over control most of the business organizations where the modern technology has replaced most of the traditional technology. Hence, the advancement of technology has led to the invention of the Internet. With the advancement of Internet as well as the easy accessibility of Internet usage, the trend of e-commerce in the recent years has been boost promptly. Thus, the easy accessibility of Internet usage has lead the consumers to shop online. A 2001 research by University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) communication policy stated that “online shopping is third most popular activity on the internet after email…show more content…
Cuneyt and Gautam (2004) found that consumers can purchase quicker, more choices and able to order product and services with cheapest price (as cited in Sultan & Uddin, 2011, p. 7); their report described consumers able to save money with online shopping. Boone and Kurtz (2010) stated that “many products actually cost less online” (p. 225). Boone and Kurtz (2010) also proved that “the Internet is the best place to find bargains” (p. 225). The consumers can save more money by online shopping compared to traditional shopping because online shopping usually offers cheaper price as the owners of online shopping don’t have the need to pay for the rent for their shop as it is free for them to establish their online stores. Therefore, online shopping will offer better deals such as offering free shipping, offering free accessories or clothes if the consumer purchase above a certain amount or even offering free vouchers to attract their customers to purchase from their store again during their next visit. Nazir, Tayyab, Sajid, Rashid and Javed (2012) found that different companies offered different discounted deals for their customers occasionally but sometimes dealers do not offer consumers to enjoy those privilege. However, consumers able to get discounts specifically from the company through online shopping (p. 493). Not only that, online stores also occasionally offered very low price for their clothes during their stock clearance because they wish to clear their old stocks and bring in a new batch of clothes or shoes following the fashion trends. Schäfer (2004) explained that online shopping is an inventive way to attract customers who have open and modern thinking with grocery shopping. In addition, it is very easy for the customers to compare prices and service offers online. Boone and Kurtz (2010) mentioned that bots, shortcut for robots, make it convenient and
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