The Importance Of Being Rich In Africa

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“Medicine is not about being rich, maybe in developed nations, you could become rich, but not here in Nigeria, where health care is one of the least important things in the Government’s Budget. If you want to be rich go and study petroleum related course. It is shorter in years and you will earn more, in fact by the time your age mates have graduated from their courses and settled down with life, you will still be here struggling with exams! So make up your minds now, this course is for those who believe in impacting lives and serving mankind and your nation honourably and with self- sacrifice. It’s for those who believe being rich is a matter of how many lives you have impacted positively not how large your pay check is at the end of the month”. Those words from my Ethics Professor in Medical school have been a guiding light for shaping my life and how I measure success both as a Medical Doctor and as a human being. One such occasion when I became even more convicted by these words was when I got involved in organizing a medical outreach to politically neglected community in my state. A friend of mine during a discussion, brought to my awareness the plight of a community he had visited, he had gone there to do some missionary work, however he was shocked to discover that this community was so lacking in basic amenities compared to others in a city like Lagos. They had no electricity, clean water or a functioning health centre. To get there you hard to take a daring

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