Exemplification Essay: Helping Endangered Animals

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¨These animals help us out, we need to bring them back¨ We help to many animals and take advantage of them now we should do a good thing in return. To say should we really modify DNA to bring back extinct animals. I feel very upset about how people think they don't need to be helped. Many animals help us like if we bring back the extinct species or save the endangered ones they could help bring back areas that are in trouble. Next, there is DNA of close genetic relatives and it can help populate species that are currently endangered. Finally, is cloning animals to make more a good thing or bad thing. Now let's jump into our next paragraph.

For my first reason, bringing back extinct species or saving endangered animals they could help bring back areas that are in trouble. To explain, extinct animals helped out the earth's environment because the animals all around helped slow the rate of melting permafrost and therefore reducing carbon emissions which what barley happens because some many animals are endangered or extinct. Next,
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To explain, The DNA has side effects that can make many of the same animal but each animal has to have lots of DNA in its body.Its DNA can help populate more or the endangered and extinct animals that are gone or almost gone. Also, because of this DNA is can help leave populations less susceptible to viruses, bacterial infections and diseases. To explain more, the DNA can help not get any viruses or bacterial infections and any type of disease that usually a normal animal would get. Finally, de-extinction is finding good DNA in some of the extinct animals which is helping populate that animal. To finally explain, the DNA is found in a extinct animal so the scientist can look over the structure and could also get information about the Earthś past and how that animal died and also tell what type of animal it

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