The Importance Of Communication In Social Work

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Social work is professional as well as academic area which is associated with social welfare and social wellbeing of the communities and overall society. Social work functions through by the variety of the means and set of activities such as; campaigns, social change, rallies, development, empowerment, cohesion just to name a few. On the other hand, the ideological area of social work is aided by different social, philosophical theories ideas such as; collective responsibility, respect for diversities, human rights, social justice and so. The social workers tend to help people in addressing multiple issues, challenges difficulties through the applications and implementation of systematic approaches and methods in order to create and maintain social wellbeing. The new age of techonology has brought new changes not only in the structure of social work but has also changed its ideological composition (Rubin, 2016).
A practicing individual who has professional degree in any field relating to social work may be titled as social worker. As it is established fact that social work is the amalgamation of a lot of …show more content…

However, in social work, communication has been attached with utmost importance to social work. Communication and social work are interrelated entities which get interlocked most of the times. There are researches and firsthand experiences that highlight the importance of communication skill in social work, but, it can also be understood with simple arguments and discussion. As, it is fact that social work has direct contact with society and its members, so in the course of helping them with any issue or difficulty, it becomes highly important to use communication in accurate and effective way. The right use of communication will accelerate the process of improvement and faulty or ineffective communication will produce opposite results (Massat et al,

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